Friday, November 26, 2010

Listen to this ADHD hero

Hey folks, I recently joined a group on Linkedin called the adult ADHD Foundation.
Listen to what group member Keith Harrell-Steward has to say:  "I have always referred to ADHD as my "Super Power". I may not be the most organized person but I can multi-task like no one else. Once it used to get me down that I was different and had problems nobody else could understand. Then I realized that my difference just made me specialized. So I live the way it best suits my skill set and abilities. I work for myself and from home. I am able to get up and do other stuff and not be "chained to a desk or cube". I also found a career that ADHD gives me a certain advantage, because it requires "outside the box thinking". So I am always challeneged, and if I get stuck I go do something else for a bit and let my subconcious do its thing. 

So do I have ADHD or am I a Visual Spatial Thinker? I do not know. But it does bring up some intersting food for thought, ADHD or Visual-Spatial thinker. In the end it is all about being true to your nature. "

I am doing some checking on what a Visual-Spatial thinker is and will post my findings. Do you know what it is?
All the best!

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