Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The top coping strategy for an ADD adult

The right partner.
I can say with all confidence that has been my saving grace. The qualities that make my husband the perfect foil for my shaped brain are these:
1. He is super organized and orderly
It took me a while to appreciate and see the value of this, we were so different and almost seemed incompatible at first. Starsigns are not my thing, but pair up a Virgo (him) and a Sagittarius (me) and you will see what I mean!
2. He is tolerant and loving
This means that I live with, and am digested with 'extenuating circumstances'. He understands that I am not plain difficult and frustrating.
3. He is big on routine.
This gives me stability and I get to tag along this routine as far as I can muster - a big help.
4. He is principled and disciplined
Initially the discipline was so contrary to my nature. This is where many people make the mistake of thinking - this person is cramping my style, I'm outta here. Think carefully: You need this balance.
5. He is honest, but diplomatic
Being full of ideas and enthusiasm is great, but a gentle nudge when your ideas are preposterous, is a big help. How else can you focus your energies on the important ideas?
I hope you have the fortune of a good partner. We don't always make the right choices when it comes to partners, (this is my second marriage) and life can be especially difficult when you don't have the right support.
All the best!

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