Friday, November 26, 2010

Are you ADD or are you gifted?

I have done a bit of reading on this, and right now I am a little bit concerned. Misdiagnosing must be so easy. Here are a few links to see what I mean. When I find the differences between ADD and giftedness, I will post them right here.

Listen to this ADHD hero

Hey folks, I recently joined a group on Linkedin called the adult ADHD Foundation.
Listen to what group member Keith Harrell-Steward has to say:  "I have always referred to ADHD as my "Super Power". I may not be the most organized person but I can multi-task like no one else. Once it used to get me down that I was different and had problems nobody else could understand. Then I realized that my difference just made me specialized. So I live the way it best suits my skill set and abilities. I work for myself and from home. I am able to get up and do other stuff and not be "chained to a desk or cube". I also found a career that ADHD gives me a certain advantage, because it requires "outside the box thinking". So I am always challeneged, and if I get stuck I go do something else for a bit and let my subconcious do its thing. 

So do I have ADHD or am I a Visual Spatial Thinker? I do not know. But it does bring up some intersting food for thought, ADHD or Visual-Spatial thinker. In the end it is all about being true to your nature. "

I am doing some checking on what a Visual-Spatial thinker is and will post my findings. Do you know what it is?
All the best!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The top coping strategy for an ADD adult

The right partner.
I can say with all confidence that has been my saving grace. The qualities that make my husband the perfect foil for my shaped brain are these:
1. He is super organized and orderly
It took me a while to appreciate and see the value of this, we were so different and almost seemed incompatible at first. Starsigns are not my thing, but pair up a Virgo (him) and a Sagittarius (me) and you will see what I mean!
2. He is tolerant and loving
This means that I live with, and am digested with 'extenuating circumstances'. He understands that I am not plain difficult and frustrating.
3. He is big on routine.
This gives me stability and I get to tag along this routine as far as I can muster - a big help.
4. He is principled and disciplined
Initially the discipline was so contrary to my nature. This is where many people make the mistake of thinking - this person is cramping my style, I'm outta here. Think carefully: You need this balance.
5. He is honest, but diplomatic
Being full of ideas and enthusiasm is great, but a gentle nudge when your ideas are preposterous, is a big help. How else can you focus your energies on the important ideas?
I hope you have the fortune of a good partner. We don't always make the right choices when it comes to partners, (this is my second marriage) and life can be especially difficult when you don't have the right support.
All the best!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Why am I writing about Adult ADD?

If like me you are (or know someone who is) constantly exhausted, irritable, memory deficient and confused by what feels like a frozen brain, welcome
There are many of us who don't know that this mental shortsightedness is in fact a medical condition. Do you have methods in place to try and manage your situation? 
Myself, I made certain that my psychologist understood that I had done all the tests and surveys thank you, and please give me medicine NOW! So now I take 18g of Concerta daily and yes, it has helped me a lot. Often I feel that it is not enough. I will consider increasing the dosage when I remember to :-)
There is of course much more that needs doing apart from the controversial route of medication. You need to have systems in place to manage your time, schedules, relationships, future and the myriad other things humans have to do. Especially when we are also parents, spouses and earners. Without these systems you will always feel out of control and hopeless about your life, goals and achievements.
With this blog, I hope to find the best resources, tips and ideas, as I wade my way through this ADD life of mine. Perhaps it will help you too. We have creative interesting minds and are generally out the box thinkers. So never ever put yourself down and believe that you are not AMAZING.